About us

In 1979, Wim J. van Kampen founded the estate agency Makelaardij WVK. He believed that offering a broad package of services helps to produce a much better result for the client; this is often referred to as the benefit of synergy.

Initially the firm’s activities focused on existing residential buildings, but over time they expanded to include commercial property, mortgages and insurance, assistance and guidance regarding new construction projects and property management.

Besides commercial considerations, corporate social responsibility plays a central role in the firm’s philosophy. Through the years Wim J. van Kampen has dedicated himself to helping many different organisations with various objectives.

WVK in Business specialises in business property across-the-board, including the following disciplines:

- buying and selling
- leasing and letting
- appraisals
- advisory services
- accommodation analysis
- market analysis
- feasibility studies
- marketing
- vision development
- portfolio analysis
- investment
- mediation
- project guidance and advice