VastgoedCert: the register of estate agents and appraisers; a mark of quality.

As the law no longer requires practitioners to swear an oath, anyone can set up in business as an estate agent or appraiser. This is a worrying development, given the large sums that can be involved in property transactions. All in all, a good reason for  Stichting VastgoedCert’s founding in 2004. This specialist organisation maintains a register of estate agents and appraisers, certified as meeting certain professional competency requirements.

The VastgoedCert register currently contains more than 6,500 estate agents and appraisers, who have been certified by a certification institute (KEMA) on the basis of the requirements laid down by VastgoedCert in its certification plan.

Wim J. van Kampen from WVK in Business is certified by Stichting VastgoedCert
(nr. BV01.20.504.5.1322).